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Tame it Cover

Tame It!

Adult survival adventure

Tame It! Story

For Lee it was supposed to be a short flight to the new job in the Bahamas. The weather was so lovely, and the pilot of the small plane was a hot girl named Tonya, who expressed a clear interest in Lee. Everything was going so great until the situation turned into a total disaster…

And, suddenly, there’s no more sky, no plane, no hot pilot girl, just the deserted beach, pain, and thirst.

Instead of a calm and cushy job in the hotel, Lee will have no other option than to learn how to survive. The so-called island paradise appears to be no safe place at all. It quickly turns out that Lee is not alone on the island. But he still needs to find out what the creatures (animals or beasts) that frighten him with scary sounds at night are. He would also have to find out — what happened to Tonya, if she’s still alive, and if there is any way to escape this strange island.

Tame It! Features

A gripping story told without words: all the dialogues, interfaces, tasks are presented in the form of emojis, so you don’t have to know any language to enjoy the game! However, if you find it difficult or are just fond of classic storytelling — you can always switch the language to English.

  • Explore the island and discover all its secrets;
  • Survive in the wilderness, overcoming all the challenges;
  • Meet the wild beauties and tame them!
  • Day-night cycle: watch the beautiful skies and find the best viewpoint to enjoy magnificent sunrises and sunsets;
  • Weather system: ranging from cloudless skies to terrible and devastating storms.
  • Your character can change over time: get a tan, grow a beard that Robinson Crusoe would envy, then shave it off and totally change your hairstyle.
  • Building your own shelter and crafting: you can craft anything from the most necessary surviving things to a spacious dwelling and delicious filling meals.
  • Dialogue system: who said these wild women will speak your language? You will have to teach them how to communicate so they can understand you!
  • Choosing a difficulty level: from a cakewalk to an unbearable grind.

And that’s not all:

  • Hidden stats, such as luck, hunting, and gathering skills;
  • Wacky shrooms and berries;
  • Lots of various mini-games. Let’s go fishin’!
  • Exotic beauties with different personality traits you can build a relationship with;
  • Animated erotic scenes;
  • Many hot kinks, from the usual and beloved ones to some peculiar but sexy as well.
  • Soft music that was created specifically for the game.

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Tame It! is available here:

Tame It! Demo

The demo contains prologue and several scenes from the game.

Select your Operating System to download the game demo: