Tame It! is an adult survival adventure on a tropical island. With common resource and time management, Tame It! features taming process of the wild but sexy creatures. Original art style of the game is combining 3D and 2D graphics. Main narrative and dialogs of the Tame It! are made with emoji. This challenging experiment made Tame It! understandable by the gamers all around the world without need of translation and emphasizes troubles of communication between species.


Main character Lee travels by plane to a hotel on one of a small distant tropical island, but something unexpected happens in the air, so he'll soon face a vivid adventures and good bunch of survival.


  • Emoji texts and dialogs. Tame It! does not need translation. 250+ emojis are used, 50+ of them are created for the game.
  • 3D + 2D original art style with animations.
  • Number of adult and utility minigames.
  • Day-night cycle. Weather changes.
  • There are building, crafting, hunting, foraging and other attributes of living on the deserted island.
  • 16 chapters are on the roadmap, prologue and first seven already released.
  • Original characters and kinks. MC develops his physical build with the plot progression.


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About Manka Games

Who we are
We are Manka Games — a small and creative team of developers who want to express themselves by making adult video games.

We look for our unique way in game development and experiment a lot to be able to surprise you.

Tame It! Credits

Programming, Game Design
Art, Visual
Story, Dialogs, Emoji
Very Green
Ishtuganov Michael
Music and sounds