(non)trivial — is a stealth adventure game with a detective element in an urban fantasy setting. You’ll have to uncover the deepest secrets of the people around you, your neighbors, enemies and interesting passers-by. You’ll have the opportunity to solve a crime that the whole city is buzzing about and reveal a mystery that is more than a thousand years old!

You’ll follow the adventures of Vi while she spies on all sorts of people, delving into their secrets and discovering new things about herself and her own desires.

What skeletons are people hiding in their closets? Nothing and no one can hide from Vi, this girl is a magnet for other people’s secrets!

But Vi is not the only playable character in the (non)trivial! There is a second protagonist, with his own storyline and his own game mechanics. His name is Sam and he lives a rather peculiar life.

Vi and Sam will affect each other and change throughout the story. Each of them has their own methods and attitudes towards life, so you will have the opportunity to see everything from two different points of view!


  • Lots of characters with their own storylines and secrets and gripping central storyline;
  • A mix of 2D and 3D graphics that forms a juicy visual experience;
  • Many beautiful girls you can catch on doing naughty things;
  • Hot and kinky animated scenes;
  • Original gameplay solutions;
  • 2 protagonists who influence each other;
  • A variety of different interesting mechanics and minigames;
  • An atmospheric sound design.



About Manka Games

Who we are
We are Manka Games — a small and creative team of developers who want to express themselves by making adult video games.

We look for our unique way in game development and experiment a lot to be able to surprise you.

(non)trivial Credits

Programming, Game Design
Story, Narrative
Darya Rada
Art, 2D Visual
Art, 3D Visual
Anatoly Varavko
Game Design
2D Animation
Vita N
2D Animation
Shlenskii Evgenii
3D Animation
Ishtuganov Michael
Aleksandr Kibardin
Sound Design